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Referral Policy

When you trust us enough to send your friends, family or co-workers, we will treat them like family. After all, you wouldn’t refer them if you didn’t have a positive car buying experience. We treat all of our customers professionally and will always be respectful, courteous, and transparent throughout the process. We will work hard to not only save them money but ensure they are completely satisfied too.

Our $100 Referral Program allows you to send friends and family to our dealership in under 60 seconds! Here’s how it works:

Click on the following link to send us an e-mail:

Enter the following subject line to the e-mail: Referral

List your name in the body of the e-mail along with your current address (we’ll use this address to send you the $100); or Provide your account number with Total Auto Finance and we can send credit for your monthly payment; or Provide Cash App name for instant cash.

List the name of the person you’re referring to our dealership

Hit send and you’re done! You should receive your referral, once validated, within 2 weeks.

There’s no limit to how many referrals you can send us. We have people literally making their monthly car payment using our $100 Referral Program and have given over $40,000 away!

And to hopefully clear up confusion here a couple of additional items:

Referral must be a new customer to Caspian Auto Group (having never bought from us before). It must be submitted within 30 days of the new customer coming into the store.

Referral must be submitted before coming into the store. Same day and after sale submitted referrals are not valid. Please ensure this is done before to keep the integrity of the program intact and make it fair to all. *In an effort to avoid any abuse referrals “after the fact” will not be paid. Please see or consult a Sales Manager beforehand if you have any questions to be sure.

Referral must take delivery within 30 days of being referred.

Thanks and best of luck!

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