Safe Jump Starts for Neighbors

Suppose you were asked by a Stafford neighbor to jump start their car. Could you do it safely? At Caspian Auto Motors, we are happy to ensure that you could.

With the cars' batteries adjacent, the cars in Park or Neutral and their parking brakes engaged, turn off your car. Connect your positive cable and the other car's positive terminal. Next, turn to your battery. You will make two connections. Clamp your positive cable to your positive terminal and your negative cable to your negative terminal.

Remember that the remaining clamp completes an electrical circuit. Do not touch its metal to your skin or clothes. Connect it under the other car's hood. Ideally, you'll choose a metal piece adjacent to its engine. With all four clamps secured, you can start your car. Rev it for about one minute before starting the other car. If several attempts fail, the other car either needs a its battery replaced or something else repaired.


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