Buying a new car requires knowledge of what type of performance you needs and what type you’ll get from a certain vehicle. Deciding between a front-wheel drive and a rear-wheel drive is an important decision but one that should be based on what will provide you with the best performance. At Caspian Auto Motors, we have a variety of both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles so you can compare because there are benefits to both.

Benefits of Front-Wheel Drive
• Cheaper to Build
• More economical
• Better gas mileage
• Better traction in poor weather

Benefits of Rear-Wheel Drive
• Built sturdier
• Handles rugged situations better
• Offers better balance
• Better handling on clear roads
• Less likely to be damaged

Stop at our store in Stafford to check out the rear-wheel and front-wheel drives we have on hand. We invite you to take one of each out for a test drive and compare the difference.


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