Planning a Leaf-Peeping Road Trip

Fall foliage offers some fun and beautiful road trips down Route 100 in months like September and October, but when is precisely the right time to go? Even experts have a hard time deciding. Most experts say that it’s best to pick a route and final destination, then you’ll know what time of year is best. For example, areas of northern New England such as north New Hampshire, Maine, and northern Vermont start to change in late September and early October.

However, by late October and early November, the fall foliage comes alive in southern New England. The experts say that it’s best to do a leaf-peeping trip by car up Route 100 to find the peak of eye-popping fall colors. There’s also a “Leaf Peepr” app by the Yankee’s company. You can download Leaf Peepr to get some advice on where to find the real foliage.

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