A Road Trip is Fun and Games

If you have young children, a summer road trip can be a lot of fun. However, children tend to become impatient with the journey and they can become easily bored. Therefore, Caspian Auto Motors wanted to make a few suggestions to you for an enjoyable ride!

In order to make the journey a pleasant and memorable one, it’s a good idea to have a few games for young passengers. Bingo is an excellent choice! Simply, use a standard bingo card and place it on a small clipboard for each person. Then, place 16 pennies in resealable bags to use as markers. They will entertain themselves for hours! Another game that is always fun is identifying different license plates. However, make it even more fun by giving youngsters small prizes along the way for identifying the plates, such as bite-sized treats!

Be sure to schedule your car maintenance with an auto service department prior to your road trip!



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