How to Control Pet Hair in Your Car

At Caspian Auto Motors, we know the importance of caring for your car. We want you to be a knowledgeable vehicle owner, and our team wants you to know how to properly care for your car. When you own a pet, you are always getting rid of pet hair. Your furry friend will shed fur when you are driving.

Inflate a balloon and rub it on the carpet. The static will collect the hair. You can also use a pair of rubber gloves and water. Rub the floor and seats with your gloved hands. A lint roller will also remove fur from the floor and seats.

Spray the fur with fabric softener and water. When the solution dries, you can vacuum the fur. Brush your pet once a day to prevent excessive shedding in your car. A pet seat cover is another great option for reducing pet hair in your car.



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