Things to Know About Windshield Repair

The expectation you might have after you purchase a vehicle is to find great joy and satisfaction as you drive around. Things happen, however, and our staff wants you to be aware of how to handle every situation. This includes unexpected damage to your vehicles windshield.

There are four types of chip damage that can happen to your vehicles windshield. These are Half Moon, Bulls Eye, Combination, and Star. If these can be repaired, then it is a cheaper option to do so rather than replacing the entire windshield. To fix windshields that can be repaired, air is forced out of the glass and is then replaced with a strengthening resin.

It is important to know that, though the repaired windshield is much stronger than if left in flawed condition, it's still not going to look perfect. You will still be able to notice a minor scar and the overall windshield won't be as strong as it was before it was damaged.



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