You Can Protect Your Car: Keeping Auto Theft From Happening to You

No one wants to have their car stolen, but the fact is that 770,000 vehicles are stolen each year at a cost of roughly $6 billion. The good news is that there are steps you can take to greatly reduce your risk of becoming the victim of car theft. Caspian Auto Motors would like to offer you the following advice to help keep auto theft from happening to you: 

  • Don't tempt thieves with valuables left in your car. Hot items like jewelry, technological gadgets, cash, etc. left in sight can make your vehicle a target.
  • Cars that are left running and unattended are also easy targets for thieves. Keep your keys with you at all times, and never leave them in the ignition when you leave your car.
  • Keep your doors locked and enable some type of anti-theft system.
  • Rolled down windows or sunroofs left open can give thieves easy access to your car. Make sure you close them.
  • Consider having your vehicle's VIN number etched onto every window. This will make your car easily identifiable, which is not what thieves want in an easy target.


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